Kaydyn S.

2008 – 2016

In Memoriam

Age: 8
Hometown: Buffalo Valley, TN
Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma (Brain Cancer)

Favorite Disney Character: All of them
Favorite Disney Celebrity: Don’t know yet!
Favorite Singer or Band: Katy Perry
Favorite Song: Roar
Favorite Food: Chicken nuggets and fries pancakes banana’s
Favorite TV Show: Team Umi Zoomi
Favorite Movie: *
Favorite Color: All colors!
Favorite sport/hobby: Collects Bath & Body Works
“The Bert Show” member you want to take on a ride at Walt Disney World: Any female – LOL!
Souvenir I would take back from Walt Disney World: Pictures and a Photo Book
When grow up I want to be: A Doctor
I’m looking forward to: Meeting the characters
What first time experiences will you have on this trip? Seeing Kaydyn around any disney characters he used to be afraid but is excited about dancing with them, If he gets on any rides it will be a first, just watching his reaction to Walt Disney World