Please read the qualifications for Bert’s Big Adventure before moving on to your next step!

Bert’s Big Adventure qualifications include the following:

· The child is between the ages of 5 and 12 years old or will be at the time of the trip (February 2020).

· The child has never been to Walt Disney World.

· The child has been diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness, or is physically challenged.

· Without the help of Bert’s Big Adventure, the family does not have the financial means available to afford a trip to Walt Disney World.

· The child/family must live in the radio listening area of The Bert Show. Applications will be accepted from Atlanta, GA, Beaumont, TX, Brunswick, GA, Casper, WY, Charleston, SC, Columbus, MS, Dothan, AL, Eugene, OR, Flint, MI, Fort Wayne, IN, Indianapolis, IN, Kansas City, MO, Lansing, MI, Lexington, KY, Macon, GA, Mobridge, SD, Nashville, TN, Pierre, SD, Shreveport, LA, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA, listening areas for the 2020 trip.

· Family members eligible to attend Bert’s Big Adventure are limited to family members of the child that maintained legal residence in the same location as the child in the [six] months prior to the time of application or nomination to Bert’s Big Adventure.

Apply for your own family or nominate a family you know!