Bert's Big Adventure Board of Directors - Bert Weiss

Bert Weiss

Founder / The Bert Show

A little about me.

Let’s start with 100% honesty ‘cause that’s what this show is all about. I was hired in Atlanta 20 years ago because it was LITERALLY the only station in the USA that would give me a chance at hosting. That’s no lie. I wanted this job so badly I think my initial contract offer to them was that I’d work for free. They said something like “that’s actually illegal. We have to pay you something.”

If you’re new to the Bert Show family you need to be warned. We talk about EVERYTHING. There are very few topics off limits in our personal lives. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s uncomfortably real. We’re not scared to be vulnerable or real. Between our drama and our listeners drama, it’s kind of reality radio but our number one goal is to make sure you laugh a few times before you have to enter the real world.

I’m proud that the show has heart, also. I have a nonprofit called Bert’s Big Adventure. We take children that have chronic and terminal illnesses down to Disney World for an all-expenses-paid, five-day trip and we bring everybody in their family! Then we get together a few times each year for reunions to make sure we’re connected. We’ve built a network of 19 years of special needs families! It started out as a trip to get families to escape their problems for a few days. It’s turned into a family tree of connections!

Infrequently Asked Questions

Besides radio, what do ya like?

I’m pretty fond of my family. I have two sons that couldn’t be any more different. Hollis is an oboe playing, soccer player determined to play soccer professionally someday. Hayden is a creative, theater kid that loves movies and anime.

Besides that what’cha into?

Traveling. Period. I am a huge fan of seeing jaw dropping sites and collecting memories with my family. Some of the best? Swimming freely with sea lions in the Galapagos, scaling the Via Ferrata in Telluride, Colorado, driving buggies on the beach in Brazil, star gazing all night in Bora Bora, fighting bulls in Spain and traveling to the edge of space with Richard Branson. Ok, the last two are BS. HOWEVER…I actually am the most interesting man in the world, now that I think of it. Not that lame Dos Equis guy.

Also, I’m kinda of a health nut. I love nutrition and body science. Staying fit has always been a big part of my life. Strangely, I work out more and eat healthier than anybody on the Bert Show but always seem to be the sickest member.

Thanks for giving the Bert Show a shot at your loyalty. We’re real. We’re funny. And I think it’s very different than anything you might have heard on morning radio.

Bert's Big Adventure Board of Directors - Kristin Klingshirn

Kristin Klingshirn

Chairwoman of the Board / The Bert Show

I’ve been doing radio since 2002 and joined The Bert Show in 2011. I love that my “job” is laughing and joking around with my friends every day on the air. While we definitely have fun, we don’t shy away from tackling tough topics. Most importantly, it’s about connecting with our listeners, who we consider family. We are able to do that by being relatable and vulnerable.

I’m a graduate of the University of Kentucky, which makes me a Wildcat through and through. Born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, I’m southern in my roots and appreciate Bourbon, basketball and horses. Coming from a military family, (my brother and sister-in-law are Marines and my father was a Vietnam Veteran), I will always support the men and women of our Armed Forces. I’m also a big supporter of rescue shelters thanks to my three dogs; Leeroy, Willie, and Boone.

My husband has been committed to my craziness since 2006. After 11 year together we decided to make it official. Then after two rounds of IVF we welcomed our son Jimmy in March of 2021, affectionately named after his grandpa who passed away. Life may not always be fair, but it can be rewarding.

I’m also Chairwoman of the Board of Bert’s Big Adventure. Bert’s Big Adventure is a non-profit that takes children with chronic and terminal illnesses to Disney World. It’s an all expenses paid, VIP experience for them and their families. After my first trip to Disney as a volunteer I realized The Bert Show pays the bills, Bert’s Big Adventure pays the soul.

Bert's Big Adventure Board of Directors - Cindy Powers

Cindy Powers

Secretary of the Board

Cindy Powers is a dedicated and passionate individual who recently celebrated her 20th year as a part of Bert’s Big Adventure. With over twenty years of volunteering in various capacities, Powers remains committed to making each moment extraordinary for the children and families involved. Her unwavering dedication and willingness to go above and beyond has made her a trusted and valued member of the organization, embodying the spirit of Bert’s Big Adventure and its mission to create unforgettable and VIP experiences for children and their families facing significant challenges.

In 2003, Powers’ journey with the organization began when her brother, who had a prior connection with radio personality and founder of Bert’s Big Adventure Bert Weiss, introduced her to Bert and his family. Hearing Bert’s story firsthand and witnessing his commitment to his mission deeply inspired Powers and sparked her desire to contribute to the mission of Bert’s Big Adventure.

Powers has gone on to play various integral roles within Bert’s Big Adventure. In 2005, she took on the important responsibility of organizing Disney-themed character volunteers and cosplay groups to attend organization events such as the annual Big Send-Off celebration, Family Reunions Adventures and surprise visits to new incoming families.

This role allows Powers to add an extra touch of magic to the children’s experiences, ensuring their time with the characters is truly enchanting. Her continued goal is to enhance the experiences through the eyes of the child. It’s always been a “what can I do to make this more special for them?” focus. In 2010, she officially became a part of the Fairy Godparent Volunteer Program, in which she is the longest serving volunteer in the program.

Additionally, as an original and founding board member, she has played an instrumental role in aiding the organization’s overall growth and vision. Currently serving as the secretary, Powers actively supports the staff, enabling them to maximize their efforts and create memorable experiences for the children and families involved.

One of Powers’ most cherished aspects of her involvement is witnessing the growth of the Bert’s Big Adventure community and the strong bonds formed amongst the families, which she believes is a testament to the success of the organization’s mission, demonstrating the profound impact Bert’s Big Adventure has on each and every life it touches. Her dedication to Bert’s Big Adventure runs family-deep, as her husband is an avid cyclist and actively supports Bert’s Big Adventure through fundraising during cycling tours and her children have dedicated their time to the organization over the years, even acting as character volunteers for events in the past. Powers currently resides in Woodstock, GA and enjoys spending time with family, photography, traveling, and watercolor painting in her free time.

Bert's Big Adventure Board of Directors - Ashley Corban

Ashley Corban

Treasurer of the Board / SignatureFD

  • Company –  SignatureFD, LLC – Wealth Management Firm
  • Title – Chief Financial and People Officer

Combining the head and heart of leadership, Ashley serves as both the Chief Financial Officer and Chief People Officer at SignatureFD, LLC – Wealth Management Firm. In her double-hatted role, Ashley works diligently to incorporate people-centered business strategies with well-rounded financial insight while embodying the firm’s culture of enriching employees’ lives with more meaning and satisfaction.

From numbers and legal to benefits and onboarding, Ashley works with the team to provide the data and communications needed to make effective decisions and support the firm’s strategic goals.  She is responsible for the firm’s financial management, working closely with the executive team and other leaders across the organization.  She also oversees people and culture, facilities, and corporate insurance.

As a mentor to junior professionals and leaders alike, Ashley serves as a calming force, offering pragmatic and astute advice that helps drive firm culture and retention. As a member of SignatureFD’s executive leadership team, Ashley continually challenges the room to keep decisions people-centered and financially driven, ensuring the decisions that result put both the organization and it’s people in the best position for the future.

Ashley has more than 20 years of experience in financial management and operations. Prior to joining SignatureFD, she spent eight years as the controller for Frazier & Deeter, SignatureFD’s partner CPA firm, where she was responsible for directing and overseeing all financial and operational activities. Before being named controller, she was a tax supervisor for Frazier & Deeter for three years. She holds a Master of Taxation from Georgia State University and a Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Development from University of Georgia.

In her personal life, Ashley supports many causes in her community, including Bert’s Big Adventure and Champions Place, and various mentoring programs. Including her family in her philanthropic efforts, Ashley makes it a point to show her two daughters the power of giving back by ensuring the family spends considerable time volunteering in their community. Ashley was also instrumental in helping SignatureFD to implement our firm giving program, SignatureGIVING, wherein SignatureFD includes a $100,000 line item for giving back to non-profits in our community. As part of that program, every team member also receives a percentage above budget into a donor advised fund, allowing individual team members to give back to the charities of their choice, ultimately expanding our community impact as an organization.


Molly Darby

Vice President of the Board / Executive Director Bert’s Big Adventure

I’m Molly and I have the best job in the world as the Executive Director of Bert’s Big Adventure! Basically, that means that my job is to make sure our team is doing everything we can to make sure that each Bert’s Big Adventure child gets spoiled with magical moments– whether it is during our annual trip to Walt Disney World, during one of our Reunion Adventures or during a Fairy Godparent visit. I’ve been with Bert’s Big Adventure serving in different roles since 2007, and I’ve enjoyed being part of its growth.

On the side, I love doing anything outdoors with friends and family, and I especially love playing with my dogs, Peter Frampton and Tina Turner. I also have a special place in my purse for hot sauce…I put it on everything!