Our 2019/2020 Wish List

Wish List

We offer two sets of donation options for the Bert’s Big Adventure Wish List.

Option 1 – Cover The Cost: Make a monetary donation to cover the cost of specific, personalized items that we’ve already chosen.

Option2 – Purchase or Collect Items: Purchase and/or collect the items yourself.

Scroll down to see our needs and then fill out the contact form below the 2019/2020 Wish List to let us know what you have in mind! You may choose to fulfill some, or all, of each request. No donation is too small.

Do you have something you’d like to donate but you don’t see it on our lists? That’s great! Just send an email to sheridans@bertsbigadventure.org and your questions will be answered in a timely manner. Thank you for your support!

Step One

Cover The Cost

These are items that we have already picked out and will customize before the trip, which means you can’t just run out and buy it or collect it at your office! If you like what you see and you want to contribute to one or all of the requested items, just click “donate” to cover the cost!

*Please enter the item name into the “Message For Bert” field on the billing information page.

Bert's Big Adventure Trading Pins

Needed: 500
Disney Trading Pins

Total Cost: $1200

Custom Embroidered Jackets

Needed: 45
Bert's Big Adventure Embroidered Jackets

Total Cost: $1800

Custom Backpacks

Needed: 40
Back Pack

Total Cost: $800

Step 2

Purchase Or Collect These Items

These are items you can purchase or collect on your own!

We love donations big and small! Just fill out the form below and we will get back to you with the best way for us to collect your in-kind donation!

Reusable Water Bottles

Needed: 0
Water Bottle

Fullfilled by:


Needed: 15

Fullfilled by:

iPod Power Source

Needed: 0
iPod Power Adapter

Fullfilled by:

iPod Touch Otter Box Case

Needed: 0
Otter Box

Fullfilled by:

Disney DVDs

Needed: 0
Disney DVDs

Fullfilled by:

Disney Themed Toys

Needed: 0
Disney Toys

Fullfilled by:

Small Travel Games

Needed: 0
Travel Games

Fullfilled by:

Disney Books

Needed: 0
Disney Books

Fullfilled by:

$50 Walmart Giftcards – 0

45 Gallon Storage Bins w/ Lids & Wheels – 0

Assorted Disney Trading Pins – 0

Coloring/Activity Books – 0

Travel Size Sunblock – 0

Assorted Disney Lanyards – 0

iTunes Giftcards – 0

Travel Size Tissue Packs – 0

Mid-Size Duffle Bag – 0

Backpacks for Moms – 0

Pajamas- Assorted Sizes – 0

Travel-sized Wet Wipes – 0

Toothbrush/Toothpaste – 0

Glow Necklaces/Bracelets/Sunglasses – 0

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