$250 - Hospital Visit for Bert's Big Adventure Child

On average, a Bert’s Big Adventure child will be at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for seven days. It costs $250 for a Bert’s Big Adventure volunteer (Fairy Godparent) to provide this child and their family with a warm meal and a gift every day for one week.

$250 will provide a child with a chronic or terminal illness staying at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta with one week of warm meals, activities, and visits from a Bert’s Big Adventure volunteer.

$200 - Princess Makeover

Every little girl wants to be magically made over into a princess! While in Walt Disney World, Bert’s Big Adventure provides every little girl (including siblings) with the surprise of a lifetime…to visit the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

For $200, you can provide a little girl with a royal head-to-toe transformation. This includes hairstyling, make-up, a princess necklace, a purse, nail polish, a wand, a crown and, most importantly, the princess gown of their choice!

Wedding Registry - Princess Makeover

$150 - Park Hopper Pass

The Bert’s Big Adventure families get the VIP treatment every second that we’re in Walt Disney World – and since we’re only there for four days – we try to squeeze as much as we can into a short period of time. The best way to maximize our flexibility and time is with a Park Hopper Pass. The Park Hopper Pass allows the families to move freely between theme parks from opening to close…making the most of their day.

$150 will sponsor a child’s Park Hopper Pass for one day while in Walt Disney World. Your gift is literally their ticket to magical memories in Walt Disney World!

$100 - Pirate Makeover

While visiting The Magic Kingdom, each Bert’s Big Adventure boy (siblings, too!) goes to The Pirates League to be transformed into an official buccaneer!

For $100, you can treat a little boy to the ultimate seafaring makeover, including a Captain Hook costume, Captain Hook facial makeup and hair, a Sword and sheath, an earring and eye patch, and much more!

Pirate Makeover

$50 - Mickey Mouse Ears and Autograph Book

The Bert’s Big Adventure kids and their siblings light up when they get surprised with this personalized Walt Disney World Mickey Ear Hat—it’s becomes their all-time favorite accessory. They also receive an autograph book, perfect for any Princess or Prince looking to take the magic home.

For $50, you can make sure each child gets this surprise welcome gift that they’ll be able to take home and remember the magic of Bert’s Big Adventure for years to come.

$25 - Disney Trading Pins

The Bert’s Big Adventure kids love Disney trading pins! We give each person on the trip several pins on a lanyard before we take off for Disney. When we are in Disney the kids love to trade their pins with other people in the park but especially with the cast members at Disney. It becomes one of their favorite things to do each day! Some kids end up with more pins than they have room for on their lanyard.

For $25, you can provide each child with a lanyard and two pins as a welcome gift before we leave for Disney! All the kids take their lanyards and pins home with them and hang them in their rooms as souvenirs and memories of their trip.

Disney Trading Pins