If You Want To Understand The Kids Who Go On Bert’s Big Adventure, Read This Letter

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If you want to fully understand the children who go on Bert’s Big Adventure, check out this letter, written by Bert’s Big Adventure child, Candace Fitzgerald. She gave the speech to her class about how people should treat Special Needs kids.

Candace was a Bert’s Big Adventure kid in 2006 and she has Spina Bifida; she was 12 when she went on her Bert’s Big Adventure trip.

Have you ever wondered what is going though the mind of a special needs child? Have you ever seen them struggle with things and wanted to help but were afraid of what others might think? These are the questions I think about every single day.

Today I am speaking to you to try and persuade you to change your feelings towards special needs people. To treat them the way you want to be treated. First off yes, we are different but that does not mean we do not have feelings. We love to interact with any and everyone that we can. I have had first hand experience of being totally excluded from activities because of my differences. I don’t like to see others get turned away because of things they can not control. If you are sending a special needs child away from your group you don’t realize how it hurts them and you’ll never see all they could offer.

People with special needs are not weird. They want the same things as everyone else does, to be accepted for who they are. We all have different obstacles to overcome. Some of you can’t do certain kinds of math. Does that make you weird? No, it makes you unique. Some of us have trouble walking so we use leg braces, crutches, or wheelchairs. Some have poor handwriting, can’t speak, or they don’t understand everything going on around them. Be patient and try explain things in a different way. Don’t ignore them or treat them like they’re not there.

Everyone wants to be part of a group. We all learn differently and at different speeds.

Take the time out of your schedule to talk with them, maybe you can become great friends with them. And trust me it will mean the world to them if you see them in the hallways and take a minute to say hello. I guarantee you will make them smile and have a better
day just because you took the time to say hello.

In conclusion I beg you, please be the better person. I promise it will make you feel good to know you are making a difference in someone else’s life.

It is your choice!