Bert’s Big Adventure: See The Photos And Hear About The Magic From The Trip!

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It’s the 10-Year Anniversary of Bert’s Big Adventure and we did this year’s trip in a BIG way!

Check out the official photos from the trip, the “on the ground” photos from the cast and crew with the Facebook photo gallery, the live broadcast from day one and see the official trip videos!

Thank You for making Bert’s Big Adventure possible!

Bert’s Big Adventure couldn’t happen without your help, so thank you for making this year’s trip possible!

11 Alive’s Ted Hall Joins The Trip

11 Alive’s Ted Hall was the only ‘external’ media that we’ve ever invited on the trip, but as the dad of a sick child, he’s got a unique perspective on it all.

Mascara Alert: The Montage

If nothing else made you cry this weekend, The Bert’s Big Adventure tribute song will. Our Producers Natalie, Josh and Tracey worked for over eight hours to put the entire weekend into one heart-wrenching highlight summary:

The dad of one of the Bert’s Big Adventure kids, Jordan S., calls in to talk about the tribute and the weekend:

DJ Willie T’s Rap Recap

And now for something a little lighter – DJ Willie T busts out his Bert’s Big Adventure rap.

Photos From “On The Ground

Photos from ‘on the ground’ during the trip!

Bert’s Big Adventure couldn’t happen without your help, so thank you for making this year’s trip possible!

The Official Trip Photos

Day 1: The Arrival  |  Day 2: The Send-off   |  Day 3: The Magic Kingdom
Day 4: Friends | Day 5: Letters | The Official Trip Videos

About The Kids

Find out more about each child on the Bert’s Big Adventure website:

Bre B. | Brianna E. | Elizabeth O. | Gabe A. | Hunter W. | Jainah R.

Jordan S. | Linda C. | Marie S. | Megan M. | Noah M. | Will A.

The BIG Announcement About The 2013 Trip!

Bert’s Big Adventure – A BIG Announcement On 11 Alive News!

Dance Party!

Sneak Peek of The Disney Dance Party from Jeff!

Kristin Raps

Kristin raps to “Ice, Ice, Baby”…on a moving bus.



Marie’s family shares a little insight into their lives and how Marie’s heart is SO big that she can even forgive the mean boy at school who tries to tip her wheelchair over…and becomes friends with him.

Marie’s Mom Reads Her A Letter


6-year-old Bree is SO excited…and she hadn’t even arrived at the hotel before the actual trip! She asked her mom over and over again if she could be a princess…and it happened.


Bert shares the secret code to cracking Hunter’s smile


When Brianna was first diagnosed with neuroblastoma, her mom told the doctors that they’d got the wrong room, and to leave and come back with the right results. Her mom talks about how Brianna swung back from near-death experiences, but she can barely get through the letter because of her tears:


Hear Noah’s mom talk about her struggle with accepting her son’s condition, almost like something flipped in her like a switch…after she asked for the strength.


Megan’s mom was told she’d never walk. And last week she danced. This little girl has overcome almost every negative prognosis – and she’s got her mom’s back as her mom reads her a tearful, heart-wrenching letter.


We hear wedding bells for Gabe’s parents! His parents originally had their wedding and honeymoon booked & paid for in Mexico, when Gabe, who had liver failure, cancer, and then liver rejection, suddenly had to be rushed to their emergency room. Now they finally get their wedding – at Disney!


Behind The Scenes

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